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islamic war

Gatestone Institute: “Iran’s Nuclear Missiles in Our Future”

via Gatestone Institute

Today Online: “Iranian commandos deployed to Syria as advisers: officer”

via Today Online

The Telegraph: “Isil plotting to use drones for nuclear attack on West”

via The Telegraph

Gateway Pundit: “EASTER HORROR: ISIS Crucifies Catholic Priest Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil”

via  Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “Update: Muslim Easter-Day Massacre Kills 72 Christians in Pakistan”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “Brussels Bomber Was ‘Migrant Rights Activist’ Who Lived Next Door To EU”

via Breitbart

Gateway Pundit: “Merkel’s Bombers=> SEVEN Terror Suspects Linked to Paris and Brussels Attacks Entered Europe as Syrian ‘Refugees’”

via Gateway Pundit

Daily Mail: “Two Belgian nuclear power plant workers have joined ISIS leading to fears the jihadis have the intelligence to cause a meltdown disaster”

via Daily Mail

PJ Media: “ISIS Supporters Release Video with Exploding Eiffel Tower”

via PJ Media

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