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December 2015

WND: “Surprise! Many Democrats suddenly wish to pack heat”

via WND


Today Online: “More than one million migrants registered in Germany in 2015: newspaper”

via Today Online

Today Online: “Brussels New Year fireworks cancelled over attack fears”

via Today Online

Breitbart: “Houston Muslim Charged With Lighting His Own Mosque On Fire”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “Poll: Ten Percent of College-Grad Men Hide Support For Trump From Interviewers”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “New Year’s Surprise: Obama Regulation To Give Work-Permits To Foreign College-Graduates”

via Breitbart

WND: “Feds fork over welfare without background checks”

via WND

NBC: “U.S. Carrier Harry S. Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets”

via NBC

WND: “Top 10 acts of Christian courage in 2015”

via WND

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