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Natural Disaster

The Guardian: “New Zealand earthquake: evacuations as tsunami heads for east coast”

via The Guardian

BBC News: “Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 159”

via BBC News

NBC News: “Fort McMurray Wildfire in Alberta Could ‘Double in Size’ Over Weekend”

via NBC News

The Economic Collapse: “The End Of America?: 13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse”

via The Economic Collapse

Daily Mail: “Is America ready for a TSUNAMI? Scientists reveal plans to deal with killer waves across the Pacific Northwest”

via Daily Mail

Survival Life: “Earthquake Preparedness Tips”

via Survival Life

News Prepper: “Earthquake Alerts : West Coast Quake Danger Today? This Week? Earthquakes rattle Japan, Ecuador, & Vanuatu – Again”

via News Prepper

Yahoo News: “Japan quake rattles markets as factories shut; survivors line up for food”

via Yahoo News

Independent: “Japanese city covered in mysterious foam after earthquake”


via Independent

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