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Breitbart: “Anti-Trump Protests Rage, Mexican Flags Fly Outside CA Trump Rally”

via Breitbart


The Truth About Guns: “DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Would a Hillary Clinton Presidency Trigger a Civil War?”

via The Truth About Guns

The People’s Cube: “Obama signs “Anti Cultural Appropriation Act””

via The People’s Cube

Gateway Pundit: “Watch US Patriot Shout Down Anti-Trump Protester in Pittsburgh”

via Gateway Pundit

Zero Hedge: “Millionaires Are Fleeing Chicago In Record Numbers”

via Zero Hedge

The Dallas Morning News: “Armed clash over black mosque triggers anger in South Dallas”

via The Dallas Morning News

Bizpac Review: “Unhinged protester takes direct hit with pepper spray after punching Trump supporter”

via Bizpac Review

Breitbart: “Black Lives Matter Organizer Posts Guide To Riotwear…In Arabic”

via Breitbart

WND: “Students against racism burn paintings of white people”

via WND

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