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Economic Crisis

Money Morning: “It’s Official: Markets Have Never Been So Tight”

via Money Morning

Kitco News: “Why Gold Could Be Worth $1,700/oz – Deutsche Bank”

via Kitco News

24hGold: “Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy””

via 24hGold

24hGold: “QE, End of the Private Sector? Japanese Government Now Largest Shareholder of 474 Big Companies”

via 24hGold

Zero Hedge: “Jim Grant: “This Will Turn Out To Be Very Bad For Many People””

via Zero Hedge

The Hill: “Unemployment rate rises in seven states”

via The Hill

SHTF Plan: “Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown “

via SHTF Plan

CNS News: “U.S. ‘Debt Held by Public’ Tops $14,000,000,000,000; Up 122% Under Obama”

via CNS News

The Columbus Dispatch: “Falling productivity continues to dog U.S. economy”

via The Columbus Dispatch

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