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Planned Parenthood

Breitbart: “Thousands Protest Planned Parenthood Throughout Nation”

via Breitbart

CNN: “Trump: I would change GOP platform on abortion”

via CNN

WND: “Judge: Can’t force Catholic hospitals to abort babies”

via WND

ABC News: “Trump Now Says Abortion Laws Should Be Left as Is”

via ABC News

WREX: “UPDATE: Peoria Sheriff’s Deputy: Suspected bomb at Peoria International Airport fake” …Planned Parenthood activist…

via WREX

Deadline: “Donald Trump Delivers MSNBC Ratings Win With Abortion Punishment Statement”

via Deadline

ABC WAAY: “Judge rules Alabama abortion restriction unconstitutional”


Newsmax: “Fla. Gov. Scott Signs Law Ending Funding to Abortion Clinics”

via Newsmax

Breitbart: “South Dakota Becomes 13th State To Ban Late-Term Abortions”

via Breitbart

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