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February 2016

CNC World: “Desperate migrants use battering ram to smash though fence on the Macedonia Greece border”

Bearing Arms: “Behind A Phalanx of Armed Security At Oscars, Hollywood Pimps Gun Control”

via Bearing Arms

The Hill: “Poll: Trump commands 33-point lead nationally”

via The Hill

Ny Post: “Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic New York”

via NY Post

Breitbart: “National ICE Council President Chris Crane at Trump Rally: ‘It’s As If The Criminals Wrote’ Marco Rubio’s Amnesty Bill ‘Themselves’”

via Breitbart

Gateway Pundit: “CHAOS as Trump Rally of OVER 20,000 Overwhelms Small Alabama City – Lines Three Blocks Long”

via Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “Exclusive – Jeff Sessions: ‘This Election Is the People’s Chance to Put a Stake’ in the ‘Heart’ of the Gang of Eight Bill”

via Breitbart

National Post: “Toronto 18 terrorist will regain Canadian citizenship under new legislation introduced by Liberals”

via National Post

Politico: “Jan Brewer endorses Donald Trump”

via Politico

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