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Breitbart: “Muslims Inaugurate Second Mosque at North Pole”

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Air Recognition: “Russia will start building new Tiksi airbase in Arctic in 2017”

via Air Recognition

Army Recognition: “Russian airborne troops is planning to set up six tank and two unmanned aerial vehicle companies”

via Army Recognition

Navy Recognition: “Russia’s Iceberg Design Bureau Developing Several Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers”

via Navy Recognition

Army Recognition: “Russia has deployed two regiments of S-400 air defense missile systems in the Arctic Region”

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Army Recognition: “Russia reportedly achieved equipping six military bases in Arctic region”

via Army Recognition

Air Recognition: “Russian Mi-26T2 heavylift helicopter to be modified for Artic Region”

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Express: “GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates'”

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