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Virus and Bacterias

Mirror: “Flesh-eating bug that leaves victims with ‘zombie’ style ulcer wounds is spreading across Australia”

via Mirror


Miami Herald: “With 10 new Zika cases in Miami, CDC advises pregnant women to avoid Wynwood”

via Miami Herald

Yahoo News: “Tens of thousands of babies ‘may be born with Zika disorders'”

via Yahoo News

Newsmax: “CDC: 157 Pregnant Women in US Test Positive for Zika”

via Newsmax

Breitbart: “22 Percent of Resettled Refugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis”

via Breitbart

Fox News: “Brazilian soccer star urges tourists to skip Rio Olympics”

via Fox News

The Economic Collapse: “The End Of America?: 13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse”

via The Economic Collapse

Pre-Blog: “Mosquito Control is More Important than Ever”

via Pre-Blog

USA Today: “Colombia reports 32 cases of Zika-linked birth defects”

via USA Today

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