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Gateway Pundit: “Hillary’s Emails Hacked by Russia – Kremlin Deciding Whether to Release 20,000 Stolen Emails”

via Gateway Pundit


Breitbart: “Hacker Claims He Breached Hillary Clinton’s Email Server, ‘It Was Easy’”

via Breitbart

Premium Times: “#PanamaPapers reveal T.B. Joshua’s shell company in offshore tax haven”

via Premium Times

Fusion: “Here are the famous politicos in ‘the Wikileaks of the mega-rich’”

via Fusion

Navy Recognition: “Russian Submarine Detected by French Navy Likely a Former SSBN Converted For Spy Missions”

via Navy Recognition

USA Today: “The 11 top U.S. companies targeted by China”

via USA Today

The Washington Free Beacon: “China Continuing Cyber Attacks on U.S. Networks”

via The Washington Free Beacon

Observer: “Hillary Has an NSA Problem”

via Observer

Fox News: “Russia wants to fly surveillance planes over US with advanced cameras, congressional staffer says”

via Fox News

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