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Global Taxes

The New American: “New Film Exposes Communist Roots of “Sustainability” Agenda”

via The New American


WND: “Insider warns elites heading toward ‘one-world solutions'”

via WND

Apollo: “The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie”

WND: “Study: Obama trade deal an economy killer”

via WND

24hGold: “FRA Predicts Massive Tax Grab Coming in 2016 at All Levels of Govern”

via 24hGold

24hGold: “Carbon Emissions Price”

via 24hGold

Reuters: “A new space race: satellites could test the world’s climate vows”

via Reuters

Express: “‘Extremely close:’ World leaders on the brink of reaching climate deal”

via Express

Today Online: “The 11 countries that haven’t made pledges for climate deal”

via Today Online

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