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usa 2015

WND: “State tries to ruin small-town florist who refused ‘gay’ wedding”

via WND


MSNBC: “Federal judge rejects Texas’ attempt to block Syrian refugees”


The Washington Post: “Clinton looks to sisterhood, but votes may go to Sanders”

via The Washington Post

Breitbart: “GOP Primary Poll: Trump Widens National Lead”

via Breitbart

The Des Moines Register: “Iowa margin between Clinton, Sanders shifts as errors found”

via The Des Moines Register

Real Clear Politics: “Latest Polls”

via Real Clear Politics

War on Guns: “Organizing for Action Lying about Guns (Again)”

via War on Guns

WND: “New bull’s-eye on Obama’s ‘unconstitutional’ gun grab”

via WND

Breitbart: “The 5 Basic Questions Megyn Kelly Forgot to Ask Marco Rubio”

via Breitbart

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