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The Hill: “Unemployment rate rises in seven states”

via The Hill


Los Angeles Times: “Do jobs numbers indicate the strength of California’s economy? Not really”

via Los Angeles Times

SHTF Plan: “Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food””

via SHTF Plan

24hGold: “Wendy’s to Employ Self-Service Kiosks at 6,000 Locations”

via 24hGold

The Economic Collapse: “The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April”

via The Economic Collapse

Kitco: “Weak April Employment Catches Up – Will $1,300 Become Support in Gold?”

via Kitco

CNS News: “Toggle navigation sections Labor Force Participation Rate Dropped to 62.8% In April: 94,044,000 Out”

via CNS News

24hGold: “McDonald’s Will Replace Jobs with Kiosks: Ex-CEO Says $15 Wage “Will Trigger Massive Layoffs””

via 24hGold

The Washington Free Beacon: “No One Works in 1 in 5 U.S. Families”

via The Washington Free Beacon

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