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trump protester

Star-Telegram: “Crowds of protesters, supporters still growing as Trump arrives in Dallas for rally”

via Star-Telegram


Daily Mail: “Saudi prince begs American voters not to vote for Trump and says he ‘cannot believe’ the US could have a president who wants to ban Muslims from entering the country”

via Daily Mail

The Rush Limbaugh Show: “I’ve Never Seen Such Panic on Our Side”

via The Rush Limbaugh Show

Washington Examiner: “Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks”

via Washington Examiner

WND: “Conservative icon: Trump will have ‘blowout election’ if he does this”

via WND

Prison Planet: “Trump’s Indiana Victory: Desperate Republicans Prepare to Support Clinton”

via Prison Planet

Gateway Pundit: “Anti-Trump Groups Spent $75.7 Million on 64,000 Negative Ads to Take Down Trump – It Wasn’t Enough”

via Gateway Pundit

Yahoo News: “Trump’s rise is driving immigrants to become citizens”

via Yahoo News

News Broadcasts: “Hillary Clinton Democrat voters (and their children) harass and scream at Trump supporters”

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