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The Blaze: “Feds Seize Tons of Cocaine, Marijuana in Longest Cross-Border Drug Smuggling Tunnel Ever Discovered in California”

via The Blaze

Breitbart: “Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz ‘Anointed for this Time,’ Walks Back Blast of Christians Supporting Trump”

via Breitbart

Angry White Dude: “Understanding Right-Wing Infiltrators”

via Angry White Dude

Breitbart: “Daily Beast: Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Burning Down in ‘Abyss of Backbiting and Paranoia’”

via Breitbart

The Blaze: “See Tweet Ted Cruz’s Rapid Response Director Posted During Iowa Caucuses, Then Quickly Deleted”

via The Blaze

The Blaze: “Militia Members Accuse Gov’t of Going to Unthinkable Lengths to Pressure Them Into Surrender — Here’s What We Know”

via The Blaze

Gateway Pundit: “Glenn Beck Tells Iowa Crowd He Prefers Bernie Sanders Over Donald Trump”

via Gateway Pundit

The Blaze Now: “CNN Gathered a Group of Gun Owners to Watch Obama’s Town Hall. No Minds Were Changed”

The Blaze: “Obama Tears? Watch the Video — My Bet’s On Menthol”

via The Blaze

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