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Gateway Pundit: ” New UPI Voter Polls: Trump Up in VA, FL, IA, OH, NC and PA”


via Gateway Pundit


Breitbart: “UPI/CVoter Poll: Donald Trump Opens Up 3 Point Lead Over Hillary Clinton”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “Poll: Donald Trump Takes Lead in Florida”

via Breitbart

Gateway Pundit: “UPI Poll: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Virtual Tie”

via Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit: “Sharyl Attkisson: Trump is Outperforming Romney by 16 Points – WaPo/ABC News Poll”

via Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “LA Times Tracking Poll: Clinton 44 Percent, Trump 43.4 Percent”

via Breitbart

Washington Examiner: “Pollster Zogby: ‘Back to a close race,’ Clinton 38%, Trump 36%”

via Washington Examiner

Freedom Outpost: “DNC Insider: Clinton Being Pounded in Polls – Don’t Believe Mainstream Media! “

via Freedom Outpost

RealClear Politics: “Latest Polls”

Trump +7

via RealClear Politics

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