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The Truth About Guns: “NRA Cuts Ties to Clinton Supporter and Gun Writer Jorge Amselle”

via The Truth About Guns

Advertisements “Hawaii Just Became the First State to do This, and Gun Owners are Outraged”


The Truth About Guns: “NRA Endorses “No Fly – No Buy” Gun Sales “Delay” for Suspected Terrorists”

via The Truth About Guns

The Truth About Guns: “BREAKING: NRA Officially Endorses Donald Trump for President”

via The Truth About Guns

CNS News: “NRA to Anti-Gun ‘Elites’: ‘We Gun Owners Are a Heck of a Lot Smarter Than You’ll Ever Be’”

via CNS News

NRA: “Freedom’s Safest Place, You Haven’t Met America”

Independent Journal: “Ted Cruz Just Got An Unfortunate Message From An NRA Instructor”


via Independent Journal

Venezuela = Gun Control Paradise = Violence = Tyranny

Breitbart: “Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: Media Mocked Calls for Good Guys with Guns in Schools, But Parents Embraced It”

via Breitbart

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