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The Truth About Guns: “NRA Cuts Ties to Clinton Supporter and Gun Writer Jorge Amselle”

via The Truth About Guns


The Truth About Guns: “BREAKING: NRA Officially Endorses Donald Trump for President”

via The Truth About Guns

CNS News: “NRA to Anti-Gun ‘Elites’: ‘We Gun Owners Are a Heck of a Lot Smarter Than You’ll Ever Be’”

via CNS News

NRA: “Freedom’s Safest Place, You Haven’t Met America”

Venezuela = Gun Control Paradise = Violence = Tyranny

Breitbart: “Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: Media Mocked Calls for Good Guys with Guns in Schools, But Parents Embraced It”

via Breitbart

NRAILA: “Florida Alert! Tampa Bay Times Editors Attack Pro-Gun Legislators over Gun Bills”


Newsmax: “NRA, Gun Groups Launch Campaign to Stop Obama’s Gun Restrictions”

via Newsmax

NRAILA: “California: Two Anti-Gun Bills that will have a Serious Affect on Semi-Automatic Firearms have been Introduced”


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