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CNBC: “Kasich suspends campaign, making Trump presumptive GOP nominee”

via CNBC


Gateway Pundit: “Breaking: Donald Trump Jumps to a 17 Point Lead in Indiana”

via Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit: “58% of Indiana GOP Voters Disapprove of Cruz-Kasich Tag-Team Against Trump”


via Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “ABC News Bumps Donald Trump Delegate Count to 996”


via Breitbart

Breitbart: “Alliance Over: Carly Calls for Kasich to ‘Get Out of Race’”

via Breitbart

OPB: “Poll: Donald Trump Holds Big Lead Ahead Of Oregon’s Republican Primary”

Trump 43%, Cruz 26%, Kasich 17%

via OPB

The George Washington University: “Americans Overwhelmingly Engaged in 2016 Election but Tone of Race Is Affecting Voters, New GW Battleground Poll Shows”

via The George Washington University

Breitbart: “Mike Huckabee on Ted Cruz, John Kasich: ‘I Wish They Wanted to Stop Hillary’”


via Breitbart

The Hill: “‘Never Trump’ groups collide with Kasich, Cruz”

via The Hill

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