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japan 2016

Army Recognition: “North Korea test-fires three Rodong ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan”

via Army Recognition

24hGold: “QE, End of the Private Sector? Japanese Government Now Largest Shareholder of 474 Big Companies”

via 24hGold

Army Recognition: “Japan to deploy Type 3 missile system on islands in Okinawa Prefecture”

via Army Recognition

Reuters: “Japan’s emperor speaks to public in remarks suggesting he wants to abdicate”

via Reuters

Newsmax: “Japan to Launch $265 Billion Fiscal Stimulus Package”

via Newsmax

The Guardian: “Japan knife attack: 15 killed and dozens wounded in stabbing”

via The Guardian

CNBC: “BOJ throws curveball, Japanese economy could strike out”

via CNBC

24hGold: “Bank of Japan Owns Over Half of Japanese ETFs; Why Stop There?”

via 24hGold

News Prepper: “Earthquake Alerts : West Coast Quake Danger Today? This Week? Earthquakes rattle Japan, Ecuador, & Vanuatu – Again”

via News Prepper

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