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hillary server

National Review: “FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook”

via National Review

The American Mirror: “‘WE NEED A MEDIC!’ Hillary, Bernie delegates clash at NV Dem convention”

via The American Mirror

Gateway Pundit: “Hillary’s Emails Hacked by Russia – Kremlin Deciding Whether to Release 20,000 Stolen Emails”

via Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “#DropOutHillary Trends over Quarter Million”

via Breitbart

Washington Examiner: “Report: FBI begins questioning Clinton aides”

via Washington Examiner

The Hill: “West Virginia is no longer Clinton country”

via The Hill

Breitbart: “Hacker Claims He Breached Hillary Clinton’s Email Server, ‘It Was Easy’”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “Exclusive Data Analysis: Indiana Vote Totals Show Clinton Crash Versus Her 2008 Run While Trump Soars Over Romney”

via Breitbart

AP: “Trump shifts to new campaign phase, dismisses GOP critics”

via AP

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