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gun registry

Reuters: “Europeans turn to weapons in growing numbers after attacks”

via Reuters

The Washington Post: “Tim Kaine’s zigzag path to gun control”

via The Washington Post

Breitbart: “Gun Stores Face Financial Ruin over Massachusetts ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban”

via Breitbart

Bearing Arms: “ICYMI: California’s Gun-Megeddon Virtually Bans Rifles And Imposes Background Checks For Ammunition”

via Bearing Arms

Los Angeles Times: “State Senate approves sweeping new gun control laws for California”

via Los Angeles Times

The Truth About Guns: “Fudd Alert! Only Landowners Can Lend a Shotgun in the UK”

via The Truth About Guns

Right Wing News: “Seriously? Liberal Comedian Says Stop Calling It “Gun Control,” Instead Call It “Gun Safety””

via Right Wing News

The Truth About Guns: “Obama to Make “Smart Gun” Push . . . for Law Enforcement”

via The Truth About Guns

The Truth About Guns: “DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Would a Hillary Clinton Presidency Trigger a Civil War?”

via The Truth About Guns

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