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donald trump 2015

Duluth News Tribune: “More than 60,000 disgruntled Pennsylvania Democrats switch parties”

via Duluth News Tribune


Breitbart: “Koch Shows His Cards : ‘Possible’ Hillary Preferable to Republican President”

via Breitbart

The Daily Caller: “Goldman Sachs Employee Fired After Buying Donald Trump Hats Plans To Sue The Big Bank”

via The Daily Caller

Breitbart: “Former Police Detective Builds Trump Sign on Roof Near Maryland Airport”

via Breitbart

Washington Post: “GOP veepstakes begin: Candidates start building lists and vetting prospects”

via Washington Post

The Hill: “Priebus slams Never Trump movement, calls for GOP unity”

via The Hill

Breitbart: “Donald Trump Won Hispanic Vote in New York City”

via Breitbart

Gateway Pundit: “Rubio Says He Will Support Trump If He’s Nominee”

via Gateway Pundit

WND: “Watchdog sues GOP ‘party hacks’ over delegate fight”

via WND

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