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Mid-Day West Virginia / Nebraska Ground Reports… — The Last Refuge

West Virginia and Nebraska Vote Today You can find resource and reference material for both state primary elections including voting times, voting locations and phone numbers for assistance at the following sources: ♦ Nebraska Voting Information Available HERE ♦ West-Virginia Voting Information Available HERE If you are voting today in one of these primary states […]

via Mid-Day West Virginia / Nebraska Ground Reports… — The Last Refuge


Gateway Pundit: “Donald Trump in Lynden, Washington 5-7-16”

via Gateway Pundit

Right Side Broadcasting: “Donald Trump’s Full Indiana Victory Speech”

Newsmax: “Corey Lewandowski: Trump Will Get ‘1,300 Delegates’ or More”

via Newsmax

Gateway Pundit: “RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: “Donald Trump Will Be Presumptive GOP Nominee””

via Gateway Pundit

CBS News: “Live updates: Close race between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in Indiana primary”

via CBS News

The Last Refuge: “West Virginia Poll: Donald Trump 61%, Ted Cruz 22%, John Kasich 14%…”

via The Last Refuge

Gateway Pundit: “TRUMP WINS INDIANA – CRUSHES CRUZ BY 20+ POINTS – Bring on Crooked Hillary!”

via Gateway Pundit

Politico: “Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race”

via Politico

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