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Charisma News: “Ex-Witch Reveals How the Occult Is Affecting Your Life Every Day”

via Charisma News


Gateway Pundit: “Rafael Cruz: “I Implore Every Member of the Body of Christ to Vote According to the Word of God””

via Gateway Pundit

Break Point: “Is There a Europe without Christianity?”

via Break Point

Gateway Pundit: “US Marine Court-Martialed for Posting Bible Verse on Her Desk”

via Gateway Pundit

WND: “Christians to flock to massive atheist rally in D.C.”

via WND

Newsmax: “Johnnie Moore: Chinese Bulldoze Church, Burying Alive a Pastor, Wife”

via Newsmax

Breitbart: “Franklin Graham: ‘Men Have No Business Using Women’s Bathrooms and Locker Rooms. Period.’”

via Breitbart

The Daily Signal: “Religious Liberty Bill Inches Forward in House After 10 Months”

via The Daily Signal

Christian Daily: “Satanic ‘Black Mass’ in Oklahoma opposed by 100,000”

via Christian Daily

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