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NBC News: “Fort McMurray Wildfire in Alberta Could ‘Double in Size’ Over Weekend”

via NBC News


Montreal Gazette: “Opposition to Quebec gun registry on first day of public hearings”

via Montreal Gazette

National Post: “Toronto 18 terrorist will regain Canadian citizenship under new legislation introduced by Liberals”

via National Post

Gateway Pundit: “Canadian Muslim Girls on Mass Stabbing Spree – 8 Injured=> Authorities Baffled on Motive Behind Attack”

via Gateway Pundit

Breitbart: “Muslims Inaugurate Second Mosque at North Pole”

via Breitbart

Yahoo News: “Canada lost 5,700 jobs in January”

via Yahoo News

WND: “Alarm bells in Congress: 50,000 Muslims entering Canada”

via WND

Breitbart: “New Updates: Four Dead in School Shooting in Northern Canada–Two Allegedly are Gunman’s Siblings”

via Breitbart

Rebel Media: “Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada”

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