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DailyMail: “‘She’s the devil!’: Trump goes all-in on bashing Hillary as he says Bernie Sanders ‘made a deal with the devil’ by endorsing her”

via DailyMail


Breitbart: “EXCLUSIVE: DNC Blocked Challenge to Tim Kaine By Denying Paperwork to Bernie Supporters”

via Breitbart

Breitbart: “PHOTOS: 13 Greatest Protest Signs at Democratic National Convention”

via Breitbart

The New York Times: “Democratic Convention: Sanders Supporters Rail Against Clinton”

via The New York Times

Breitbart: “Dem. Convention LiveWire; Party Disunity Highlighted on Day One”


via Breitbart

The Washington Post: “Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he can’t stop it.”

via The Washington Post

Gateway Pundit: “FAIL: Bernie Sanders Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Flops With Millennials”

via Gateway Pundit

CNN: “Sanders supporters melt down over FBI’s Clinton decision”

via CNN

The American Mirror: “‘WE NEED A MEDIC!’ Hillary, Bernie delegates clash at NV Dem convention”

via The American Mirror

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