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WND: “Congress looks to choke Obama’s flood of refugees”

via WND


Associates Press: “Paris attack leader said he slipped in with 90 extremists”

via Associated Press

Washington Post: “Va. will again recognize concealed-carry permits from other states”

via Washington Post

The Rush Limbaugh Show: “Don’t Doubt Ted Cruz’s Conservatism”

via The Rush Limbaugh Show

Bloomberg: “Trump Fear Stalks Davos as Elite Pray for Spring Reality Check”

via Bloomberg

Natural News: “Huge increase in U.S. families preparing for catastrophe as prepping goes mainstream”

via Natural News

WND: “Trump scorches Islamic rape jihad on women”

via WND

Meanwhile in Gun Control Paradise…15 killed in El Salvador in 2016

via Today Online

Army Recognition: “Ukraine to allocate $4 billion for defense budget next year including new air defense systems”

via Army Recognition

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