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Russia “Panama Papers Map”


The Washington Free Beacon: “Russia Tests Hypersonic Glide Vehicle on Missile”

via The Washington Free Beacon

Army Recognition: “Russia started developing the Rys biomorphic unmanned ground vehicle”

via Army Recognition

Army Recognition: “Armenia accelerates Russian weapons procurement with a Russian loan”

via Army Recognition

The Washington Free Beacon: “Russian Jet Threatened U.S. Recon Aircraft”

via The Washington Free Beacon

Daily Mail: “Could the Pentagon’s hypersonic missiles trigger World War 3? Other nations could use the technology to launch a nuclear strike, warn experts”

via Daily Mail

JPost: “Russia’s Putin pledges support for Syrian Kurds”

via JPost

The Washington Free Beacon: “Report: Russian Aircraft Conducted ‘Simulated Attack’ on U.S. Navy Ship”


via The Washington Free Beacon

Army Recognition: “Analysis : Russian S-300PMU2 missile systems will increase air defense capabilities of Iran”

via Army Recognition

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