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Observer: “Hillary Has an NSA Problem”

via Observer

The Daily Caller: “INVESTIGATION: Hillary Sent Dozens Of Emails On Her BlackBerry From Russia And China, Raising Risk Profile”

via The Daily Caller

The Washington Free Beacon: “DNI: China Continues Cyber Espionage”

Wait, there’s more:

“Key threats outlined during the annual intelligence threat briefing included:

  • Iran remains the “foremost state sponsor of terrorism” despite agreeing to a nuclear accord aimed at limiting Tehran’s nuclear arms program
  • Russian military intervention in Syria has bolstered the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad
  • North Korea’s continuing development of nuclear arms and missiles capable of reaching the United States
  • Russia’s nuclear force expansion and violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty
  • Moscow’s build-up military forces in a bid to control the resource-rich Arctic region
  • Threats to space systems from China, Russia, and others are increasing with the development of space weapons and anti-satellite capabilities
  • Plunging world oil prices threaten the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is using repressive tactics to prevent mass anti-government protests
  • China is threatening international waterways by building up military facilities on disputed islands in the South China Sea
  • Russia and China are engaged in threatening intelligence operations in the United States, with Iran and Cuba lesser spy threats
  • Islamist insurgents in Afghanistan have expanded influence in rural parts of the country”.

via The Washington Free Beacon

Yahoo News: “Swedish telecom chief to steer web body ICANN to independence”

via Yahoo News

The Washington Free Beacon: “Security Firm Warns of New Chinese Cyber Attacks”

via The Washington Free Beacon

WND: “All your secrets exposed: Government a sieve for personal info”

Giant sucking sound for all your personal secrets

Big Brother knows some of the most intimate details about millions of Americans, but he’s a sieve when it comes to keeping citizens’ secrets safe, and is exposing their life stories to hackers and criminals by failing to secure sensitive data, experts have revealed. Most Americans are already familiar with the National Security Agency programs to… Continue reading “WND: “All your secrets exposed: Government a sieve for personal info””

Army Recognition: “New Strategic Support Forces of Chinese Army PLA in charge of cyberspace and electronic warfare”

via Army Recognition

US News: “New York Bill Aims to Ban Encrypted Phones”

via US News

WND: “The 3 time-bomb issues candidates ignore”

via WND

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