Wait, there’s more:

“Key threats outlined during the annual intelligence threat briefing included:

  • Iran remains the “foremost state sponsor of terrorism” despite agreeing to a nuclear accord aimed at limiting Tehran’s nuclear arms program
  • Russian military intervention in Syria has bolstered the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad
  • North Korea’s continuing development of nuclear arms and missiles capable of reaching the United States
  • Russia’s nuclear force expansion and violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty
  • Moscow’s build-up military forces in a bid to control the resource-rich Arctic region
  • Threats to space systems from China, Russia, and others are increasing with the development of space weapons and anti-satellite capabilities
  • Plunging world oil prices threaten the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is using repressive tactics to prevent mass anti-government protests
  • China is threatening international waterways by building up military facilities on disputed islands in the South China Sea
  • Russia and China are engaged in threatening intelligence operations in the United States, with Iran and Cuba lesser spy threats
  • Islamist insurgents in Afghanistan have expanded influence in rural parts of the country”.

via The Washington Free Beacon