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November 2015

Gateway Pundit: “…14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden disappear without a trace”

via Gateway Pundit


Natural News: “Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: Five astonishing things the mainstream media isn’t reporting (that everyone should know)”

via Natural News

Army Recognition: “Russia to create several new missile and artillery units to increase Russian armed forces by 2021”

via Army Recognition

Lodi News Sentinel: “Kansas colleges prepare for gun-toting students”

via Lodi News Sentinel

Infowars: “Russia deploys tow resistant T-90 tank in Aleppo”

via Infowars

Express: “Turkey and its 75m people on the brink of being allowed into EU”

via Express

Express: “Migrant crisis laid bare: 1.5 MILLION people have entered EU countries illegally this year”

via Express

Los Angeles Times: “California freeze: Minus-11 degrees in Sierra amid snow and ice”

via Los Angeles Times

“FBI Has Dispatched a Special Team of Badasses You’ve Never Heard of to Hunt Down ISIS”

via Independent Journal

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