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November 2015

AP: “Trump says black pastors likely pressured not to endorse him”

via AP

The New York Times: “China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency”

by The New York Times

Climate Depot: “George Soros, Tom Steyer are ‘investors’ in Obama’s new ‘clean’ energy research plan”

via Climate Depot

Express: “Small business owners poll suggests many quite happy to leave EU”

via Express

Reuters: “China plans to launch carbon-tracking satellites into space”

via Reuters

“Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris”

via Climate Depot

Gateway Pundit: “Ted Cruz: Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Is Transgendered Leftist Activist”

via Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit: “Donald Trump: Now’s the Time for Christians to Get Out the Vote to Save Christianity”

via Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit: “Climate Change Protesters Trash Memorial To ISIS Paris Massacre”

via Gateway Pundit

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